Atv’s and Hunters. Oil and Water, I don’t think so.

It really has to do with respect. 

At first thought as a hunter i would say keep the Atv’s out of the woods but then i start to think about access and access to public land.  Public land is just that public and we have to work together to provide everyone equal access.  I really boils down to respect and education.  I really think we need to limit the amount of trails and roads open ohv riding but at the same time designate more managed trail systems to give the ohv riders a place to ride.

The hunting season is upon us.  Here are some tips for hunters to help reduce the impact of OHVs during hunting season.

  • Know the vehicle use regulations for the area you are in.
  • Stay on designated public roads or trails. It is the law.
  • Access your hunting area before shooting hours and then hunt on foot.
  • Retrieve harvested big game from the nearest designated road or trail.
  • Respect other hunters and recreationists by slowing down or stopping as you approach them on the trail.
  • Avoid wet areas.
  • Reduce emissions and sound.
  • Pass in a safe and courteous manner when overtaking others.
  • Limit OHV use in and near campgrounds.

Benefits of eating wild game…

The great taste is one reason to eat wild game.  Here are a few more.

1. Many people grew up eating wild game meat. Now there is ample evidence of the healthful benefits of eating wild game. It is even becoming fashionable to do so as evidenced by the offerings of wild game in fine restaurants around the country.
2. In general, game meat is leaner than meat from domesticated animals. The amount of fat on game meat may have a slightly stronger taste, so you should remove it before cooking. For maximum tenderness, cook slowly – either braise in liquid, or roast and baste frequently.
3. The following is the nutritional value of a variety of game meats compared with beef or pork.

Rz Neoprene Face Dust Mask

RZ Neoprene Face and Dust Mask

RZ mask is an incredible new product sure to change your breathing experience. The easily replaceable filters remove 99.9% of dust, particulates, pollen and odors in the air. RZ Masks are made from soft neoprene material that fits snug under helmets and goggles.

But they are not just for off road riding.  They are used wherever nusiance dust if found.  Farming, mowing, riding, allergy season, or the deserts of the middle east.  I have even sold them to cancer patients to keep them safe from dust and germs.

Check them out at BroadHead

Why hunt?

Hunting.  It is the only way our ancestors survived.  Somehow as we became “civilized” some of us lost the love of the hunt.  We think our meat comes from the meat case and that somehow we rationalize that good food is what we buy in grocery store.  You have to realize that every time you eat a piece of meat you cause the death of an animal.  This life they endure to the meat case is inhumane at best.  Animals are not meant to live their live shoulder to shoulder, eating unnatural foods until they get large enough and fat enough to slaughter.

Animals in the wild live their life the way God intended it to be.  They eat natural foods and the meat they provide is a hormone and drug free paradise for those of use who live to hunt. BroadHead Archery is attaching a link to a good article on the health benefits of eating wild game.   Enjoy!

PSE Legacy Longbow

So you want to shoot a bow like Katniss?

First you have to have a quality longbow PSE’s Sierra longbow.

The PSE Legacy Longbow features beautiful exotic wood laminations backed with fiberglass for strength and durability. The 68″ Legacy Reflex/Deflex design eliminates the shock usually associated with longbows and boasts arrow speeds approaching that of a recurve. Made of beautiful black walnut, cherry and maple,

Available: Right Hand Only
Available: 45, 50 or 55 draw weights

BroadHead Archery – a new arrow in the quiver!

BroadHead Archery has taken a giant step in opening more avenues for the archer and hunter.  We will be making posts about new products, new techniques and changes in the archery industry.  I am glad to be here and look forward to the journey.

One of the amazing products that i have seen lately is the PSE Tac 15 Crossbow!  It looks great and shoots an amazing 402 fps!  It has great knockdown power and is fun to shoot.  It comes with its own cocking crank so it is easy to load.

This bow comes complete with bipod, scope, extra arrows and a case and can be seen at BroadHead

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